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A meeting with test cosmonaut Dmitry Petelin
A meeting with test cosmonaut Dmitry Petelin
On the 16th of April a meeting with test cosmonaut Dmitry Petelin was held on the territory of the TsAGI Technopark. 17.04.2022 13:37
Day of Russian Science
Day of Russian Science
On the 14th of April in Zhukovsky an event dedicated to the Day of Russian Science took place. 15.04.2022 13:37
Technical Creativity Club
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Technical Creativity Club

The company’s Technical Creativity Club was formed in 2009 to address the following issues:

  • to engage company’s staff in the development and production of aeronautical products;
  • to train pilots among Club members;
  • to generate interest in aviation among young people.

The Club is situated in Zhukovsky.

The Club is currently preparing for the production of a two-seater aircraft “AT” made of composite materials.




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