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Масленица в ИКЦ «НИК»
29 февраля на территории инженерно-конструкторского центра «НИК» прошли Масленичные гуляния. 03.03.2020 16:32
Итоги выездного заседания Экспертного совета Государственной Думы в ИКЦ «НИК»
Итоги выездного заседания Экспертного совета Государственной Думы в ИКЦ «НИК»
27 февраля 2020 года в г. Жуковском состоялось выездное заседание Экспертного совета по научно-технологическому развитию и интеллектуальной собственности Комитета Государственной Думы по образованию и науке по теме «Аддитивные технологии. Закон и практика». 28.02.2020 17:23
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Additive Production Design (3D simulation for 3D printing)

We offer:

  1. To analyse reasonableness of additive production of existing parts and structures.
  2. To finalize or design a new part (unit, product) so that it could fully meet additive production conditions: an effective reduction of weight of a structure, a decrease in the number of parts in an assembly, creation of net structures and others. 
  3. To select a material and technology for additive production as well as a method of processing to obtain an end product (a finished part) of high quality.
  4. To prepare 3D models for production in accordance with all the requirements for the selected technology and the material. It will enable you to avoid mistakes before the start of production.
  5. To make parts (units, products) at a certified manufacturing facility that has a large number of additive and machining equipment with a quality control of output products.
  6. To assist in effective implementation of additive production at an organization.



 Additive technologies enable reduction and simplification of the process of launching of a new product to a market.

Additive technologies facilitate implementation of breakthrough ideas in design, aircraft production, mechanical engineering and other industries. Design for additive production has a number of advantages over the traditional one:

  1. Designing parts with optimal structure disregarding technological limitations.
  2. Development of parts and structures with complex geometry, compound and integrated ones.
  3. Changing the geometry of parts during research and development.  
  4. Creation of parts with minimal weight and the required level of strength.


Weight reduction allows saving a material and time of production. As a result, it reduces the cost of a produced part. Meanwhile, the part demonstrates the same functional and mechanical performance as a traditionally produced one.

The advent of additive technologies made the production of structures with bionic design real and available. Structures with bionic design are parts with complex geometry and honeycomb structures, as lightweight as possible due to the topological optimization.

How to make an order?

Our specialists have competence in design for additive production. We will optimize a product for a promising technology of production or will design a structure from scratch. Send us an e-mail to 3d@avianik.com with the detailed description of your task or call +7 (495) 78-313-78 ext. 225.

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