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A meeting with test cosmonaut Dmitry Petelin
A meeting with test cosmonaut Dmitry Petelin
On the 16th of April a meeting with test cosmonaut Dmitry Petelin was held on the territory of the TsAGI Technopark. 17.04.2022 13:37
Day of Russian Science
Day of Russian Science
On the 14th of April in Zhukovsky an event dedicated to the Day of Russian Science took place. 15.04.2022 13:37
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Revers engineering. 3D skaning.

Reverse engineering is a method of obtaining three-dimensional computerized data from physical models or products.

Using reverse engineering our specialists will help you restore a product that lost its functions, finalize an existing structure keeping its basic coupling sizes and dimensions original or obtain a 3D model of a particular part easily and fast. It is the only opportunity to restore and to produce a part whose engineering documentation is missing.

To order the service, call us +7 (495) 78-313-78 ext. 225 or send us an e-mail with a detailed description of your task to 3d@avianik.com.


The process of reverse engineering includes two stages:

  1. 3D scanning or measurement of a part


  1. 2. 3D simulation of an object based on the 3D scanned data. The surfaces obtained using 3D scanned data are processed and a further 3D simulation creates a solid model that can be used for any modern production.


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