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Участие НИК в Международной выставке пластмасс и каучуков Ruplastica
Участие НИК в Международной выставке пластмасс и каучуков Ruplastica
В мероприятии, которое проходит с 24 по 27 января, участвуют 650 экспонентов из 32 стран. 26.01.2023 19:45
The grand opening of the MiG-29 monument will take place on October 28
The grand opening of the MiG-29 monument will take place on October 28
The opening of the monument will be a logical continuation of other projects - the Tu-144 monument in the Tupolev street and alleys of busts of the Russian general aircraft designers. 25.10.2022 10:43
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Topological optimization and weight reduction

 The topological optimization is used in many industries to create lightweight, sturdy and robust structures.

Optimization is a process of finding the best variant of a structure based on a particular criterion. The topological optimization is a type of optimization that considers various variants of the geometry of structures, which can result in their somewhat unusual appearances and yet can improve their performance (weight reduction, rigidity increase etc.)

Software for topological optimization employs the finite element method to obtain an optimal structure taking into account all cases of loading that it must withstand in operation as well as the type of production (3D printing, casting etc.).

After a mathematical model of a part requiring optimization has been imported, the software finds areas that should be left unchanged (for instance, areas of attaching) and defines the design space limited by which the software finds optimal ways of transferring forces inside the structure by solving the equations of the elasticity theory and creates a geometry that meets the required conditions.

The optimized model then passes a strength test again and is sent to production. This approach enables reduction of weight of a structure and, consequently, reduction of its cost.

Due to the topological optimization, one can create a part with such complex geometry that it would be impossible to produce it in a traditional way. Additive technologies offer unique opportunities to produce forms with complex and super complex geometry, and the symbiosis between additive production and the topological optimization allows you to actualize creative solutions of decorators and designers and to satisfy the requirements for structural integrity and strength of structures.  


Using state-of-the-art methods of the topological optimization our specialists will design a structure with minimal weight and maximum rigidity and strength. Feel free to call us +7 (495) 78-313-78 ext. 225 or send us an e-mail with a detailed description of your task to 3d@avianik.com.We can also produce a prototype and a small batch.


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