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A meeting with test cosmonaut Dmitry Petelin
A meeting with test cosmonaut Dmitry Petelin
On the 16th of April a meeting with test cosmonaut Dmitry Petelin was held on the territory of the TsAGI Technopark. 17.04.2022 13:37
Day of Russian Science
Day of Russian Science
On the 14th of April in Zhukovsky an event dedicated to the Day of Russian Science took place. 15.04.2022 13:37
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Elaboration of Sigma aircraft series

 (Design engineer S.V. Ignatyev)

Light two-seater airplane Sigma-7 is developed. It has folding wing, which allows to push the airplane along the roads on its landing gear. When needed the airplane can traverse down the roads by itself, using engine thrust. The arrangement of a crew in a cockpit is side by side, powerful high-lift devices are used in Sigma-6.

Light airplane Sigma-4 is retrofitted for the purpose of its serial production continuation and getting type certificate.

Foreign customers show interest in aircrafts of this type.

Sigma-4 aircraft


Sigma-6 aircraft

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