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The grand opening of the MiG-29 monument will take place on October 28
The grand opening of the MiG-29 monument will take place on October 28
The opening of the monument will be a logical continuation of other projects - the Tu-144 monument in the Tupolev street and alleys of busts of the Russian general aircraft designers. 25.10.2022 10:43
Hello from space!
Hello from space!
Dmitry Petelin, a Roscosmos cosmonaut and a friend of our company, not only got in touch with us from the ISS, but also sent us a unique photo-greeting. 14.10.2022 17:57
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SLM - Selective Laser Melting

We offer 3D-printing and serial additive production using SLM (Selective Laser Melting) technology.


SLM is an additive production method which uses high power lasers to melt metal powders to create three-dimensional physical objects.  



SLM technology is applied to building objects with complex geometry, often with thin side panels and cavities. SLM is successfully used in aerospace industry enabling creation of high-strength elements of structures whose geometric complexity is out of reach for traditional mechanical methods of production and machining (milling, cutting etc.). Finished products have high quality, they practically do not require mechanical machining. One more positive effect is saving in materials since SLM is practically waste-free production. The opportunity to combine homogeneous structures with honeycomb ones in one object is used to create implants, for instance, acetabular cups or another orthopedic implants with honeycomb surface, which enable osseointegration (knitting with the bone).


For this technology we offer the following metals and alloys:

  • Alluminium alloys,
  • Titanium alloys,
  • Stainless steel,
  • Cobalt-chrome alloys,
  • Inconel.

 How to make an order?

If you want to order 3D printing but you don’t know which materials and technology to choose for your task, feel free to send us an e-mail to 3d@avianik.com with a detailed description of your task and 3D electronic models or call +7 (495) 78-313-78 ext. 172. Our specialists will recommend you optimal technologies and materials for your task.

To calculate the price of 3D printing for a particular 3D model we need to have your input data in .stl or .step format.

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