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The establishment of joint venture FITNIK Ltd
The establishment of joint venture FITNIK Ltd
On the 15th of February a press conference regarding the results of signing the documents for registration of FITNIK Ltd., which was created by NIK Ltd. and German company FIT AG, one of the world-wide leaders in additive manufacturing area, was held. 19.02.2018 14:57
Pupils from lyceum 14 attended NIK Ltd.
Pupils from lyceum 14 attended NIK Ltd.
On the 29th of January in the frame of social partnership the pupils from 11 A, lyceum 14 attended NIK Ltd. After the tour around NIK, the pupils learnt about activity area of the company - the development of aero-constructions and its structural analysis. 3D printer operation was demonstrated to school-students, they got acquainted with technology and principles of scanning by means of 3D printer. 31.01.2018 09:50
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Polymer Composites Technology

  • creation and implementation of technology for the production of structural elements and sandwich structures (metal and non-metal);
  • creation and optimization of polymer composite materials specifications for structural element production;
  • development of statements of work regarding tooling for structural elements production and production establishment (including production according to the customer's statement of work);
  • creation and optimization of technological tools specifications for production of structural elements in given production conditions.
  • performance of tests (stress, endurance, climatic, etc.) for structural elements, specimens and coupons;
  • manufacturing of test specimens according to the customer's statement of work.

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