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The meeting with delegation from China took place in NIK Ltd

2016-12-26 14:52:14

The meeting with delegation from China took place in NIK Ltd

On December 22, 2016  the Chinese delegation visited our company.

During this  visit representatives of  Chinese business got acquainted with perspective developments of the company. The greatest interest was attracted by projects of the high-speed five-seater plane, the pilotless device based on an autogyro and the device on the airbag.

Considering that in China the state program on development of small aircraft is completely developed, Chineese and Russian parts discussed the possibilities of joint development and serial production of the offered devices. During the meeting became clear that the best way to cooperate is to create design centers both in China and Russia, which will be working within a framework of joint venture.  At the same time Russian center will continue  the development of its own projects and the Chinese side will  take part in designing with the emphasis on the organization of serial production.












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