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Victory day Celebration

2018-05-16 10:04:12

Victory day Celebration

The employees of NIK Ltd. took an active part in the festive events, dedicated to the 73- anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Prior to the event on May 8 the whole collective of NIK Ltd. paid respect to fallen in battle and laid floral tributes to the eternal flame.

As every single year, our company congratulated the group of veterans by presenting them with gifts and acknowledgements.

The employees of NIK Ltd. supported the realization of traditional municipal undertakings by taking part in maple tree planting on Molodezhnaya Street in the frame of ecological-patriotic campaign «Victory Forest-2018» together with their family members.

That has always been an unifying force, which binds our people together with this feeling of pine after the claimed lives and the feeling of pride about our Homeland. Joint participation in the national recordative events contributes to peoples unity, strengthening of patriotism and what is more, it makes us be confident that the Glory of Great Victory will be passed on from generation to generation and will live in our hearts forever




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