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Boeing Suggests a Quick Solution to the Battery Problem on Dreamliner to the Japanese Government

2013-03-02 12:48:30

Boeing Suggests a Quick Solution to the Battery Problem on Dreamliner to the Japanese Government

American aircraft manufacturer Boeing suggested a number of measures to solve the problem with Boeing-787 Dreamliner batteries. It should be enough to resume the Dreamliner’s flights. As the company’s representatives ensure, the prepared technical solutions will prevent the battery fires and overheating.

As specified by Raymond Conner, CEO, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, it is suggested that additional waterproof protection should be installed on 2 Li-ion batteries on Dreamliner. It will prevent fire distribution in case it occurs. Besides, batteries are going to be equipped with special ventilation system for smoke removal.

Nevertheless, it is assumed in Tokyo that the reason for Dreamliner’s problems may be not only the batteries, which are by the way manufactured in Japan. Japanese specialists suggest equipping aircraft with additional sensors to control the condition of the electrical network. However, American representatives are sure that their suggested measures will be taken without alteration and that Dreamliner will fly again.

Because of the problems, Boeing-787 was grounded in the USA and other countries at the end of January. On January 7, 2013, a battery overheated and started a fire in an empty 787 operated by Japan Airlines (JAL) at Boston's Logan International Airport. On January 16, 2013, an All Nippon Airways (ANA) 787 made an emergency landing at Takamatsu Airport after the flight crew received a computer warning that there was smoke inside one of the electrical compartments. It turned out that one of the batteries overheated and went black, the liquid leaked. In January there were also other incidents reported from Japanese airliners such as oil and fuel leak.

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