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NIK Ltd employees continue working on Tu-144 airplane

2019-08-07 12:30:22

NIK Ltd employees continue working on Tu-144 airplane

NIK Ltd employees with the volunteers from Aviation museum in Monino and specialists from Alpha-M continue working on Tu-144 airplane.

During the 6th of August we deinstalled the carriers, which were necessary to lift the left panel by the crane. The holes for its installation were closed and water-proofed. We did installation and water-proofing of several challenging access holes of the left panel. We water-proofed the emergency door with crossover valve, located on the left side. We water-proofed several isolated holes in the tail fin and rear fuselage. We did the preparation of the nose landing gear for installation – cleaning the pneumatics and lower part of the leg from contaminants, pin lubrication.



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