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On the 10th of August Tu-144 was lifted and installed on the support gantries as a monument

2019-08-12 09:14:25

On the 10th of August Tu-144 was lifted and installed on the support gantries as a monument

It was preceded by the long preparation. Many people were involved in this project.

Over the last few months the airplane was painted in colours of Aeroflot and then dragged to the installation site, where it was being prepared for the lifting by the employees of different organizations, including our specialists from NIK Ltd.

In this period columns, which were supposed to assume the weight of the legendary aircraft, were set on the site.

Just before the lifting base platforms, by the means of which the plane should have been fixed on the columns with the usage of welding, were installed on the landing gear.

Two lifting cranes with a capacity of 200 and 500 tons were at work in the operation. One lifted the airplane by the moorings, installed on the wing panel. Another one held Tu-144 on the fuselage nose.

It looked like someone put on the dog-lead on its neck. Under the pouring rain workers and their helpers got the area around the plane free from stepladders, work tools and other things. And thus the lifting started. At 11:17 Tu-144LL got off the ground. It was slowly rising. The difficulty was that the aim was not just to lift it, but to also turn it through 90°. The plane was hanging on the strings with the nose risen. It hasn`t been seen from this point of view for a long time. Dozens of photographers were running about the area with umbrellas and cameras and quadcopters were hanging on the sky. Initially it seemed that the lifting goes on very slowly. But after 15 minutes the airplane was on the base. Workers made a great job. Then the welding team started fixing the landing gear to the support legs. Tu-144LL, built in 1981, set up world records of speed and flight altitude, survived through the modernization, avoided scrap metal break-down, got its permanent place in Zhukovsky.


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